All projects are different, and that makes it very difficult to offer set rates. I provide quotes that are tailored to each piece of work, and I use the CIEP’s suggested minimum rates to help me calculate them. Here are some fictional case studies that should give you an idea of what to expect:

Case study 1

Client: Veronica, an experienced author and self-publisher.

Project: An 80,000-word murder-mystery novel.

Brief: Veronica has already worked with a copy-editor and she’s getting ready to publish. She’d like a second pair of eyes to check for any small errors that might remain.

Deadline: There’s no set deadline but Veronica would like to receive the marked-up document within a month.

Cost: £640. Veronica pays £210 to book my time and the remaining £430 when I return the document to her.

Case study 2

Client: Henry, a teacher who writes in his spare time.

Project: A 100,000-word fantasy-fiction novel.

Brief: Henry would like a copy-editor to help him polish the manuscript and get it ready for the next step on its publishing journey. The text is in good shape.

Deadline: Henry would like the edited document back as soon as possible, but is happy to wait for quality work. I book the project in for a three-week slot, beginning at the start of the next month.

Cost: £1,125. Henry pays £375 to book my time and the remaining £750 when he receives the marked-up document.

Case study 3

Client: Suzie, a first-time author considering self-publishing.

Project: A 60,000-word sci-fi novel.

Brief: Suzie would like an editor’s advice and input on her novel but doesn’t feel her work needs a full developmental edit. I offer to provide a manuscript critique.

Deadline: Suzie is happy for me to fit this work around other projects. I agree to provide my report within a month.

Cost: £300. Suzie pays £150 to secure a slot in my schedule and the remaining £150 when she receives my report.

Have you got a project you’d like to work with me on? Please don’t hesitate to contact me for a no-obligation quote.