I’ve worked on more than 170 projects since 2015 – including over 90 novels, from fantasy fiction to murder mysteries. Each one has been a privilege. Here’s a selection of titles I have proofread or copy-edited.

Fantasy and sci-fi

Devon's Island
SI Clarke
A White Hart Novel
The Waiting Usurper
A.M. Vivian
T.J. McLaughlin
Belvedor and the Four Corners
Ashleigh Bello
High Spirits
J. T. Croft
Magically Haunting Tales
When the World Falls Down
Jon Bolitho-Jones

The Sapphire Society
L. C. Sarll
The Angry Ghost and Other Stories
Peter Spokes
C.L. Williams
Ayeme's Circus of Redemption
Keith Blackburn
A House of Bells
J. T. Croft
Liberty Realm: Full Circle
K. D. Faerydae
SI Clarke
Livid Skies
Can humanity find a fresh start on Mars?
Building the first permanent Mars colony
Ashleigh Bello
Belvedor and the King's Curse
Volume 1 Alyons: Rockets, Science and a Dash of Hairspray
J A Du Preez

Mystery and thriller

An Andalusian Murder Mystery
From the author of Wherever You Are I Will Find You
Peter Peeters
The Madness Locker
Two young lives
One devastating decision
E. J. Russell
John Mead
Author of The Fourth Victim
The Chocolate Thieves
100% cocoa crime
Ian Hudson
Spurious Games
David Jenkins
Feeding the Gods
Elizabeth Harrison


Seeking Atticus
Norm D'Plume
The Way Back
Bill Whiting
The Bookshop of Panama
Suzanne Hope
Strange Affairs, Ginger Hairs
Arthur Grimestead
The Buttercup Field
D J O'Leary
The Portuguese House
Pamela D Holloway
Maurice Gray
The University Student
Nadia Maran
Mum Runners
Kathleen Kirkland
Mum Runners Florida Vacation
Kathleen Kirkland
Times and Places
Keith Anthony
The Seven Pillars of Nonsense
Michael Roselaar


Home Before the Leaves Fall
N L Collier
Courtier in the Royal House of Stuart
Leslie Hatton
The World and His Wife
Stephen Wyatt
The Music of Freedom
Peter L Ward
Vladimir's Diary
Martin M. McShane
Barbara Greig
No Turning Back
Fred Smith
Sandra Eden's War
Mike Low
Victoria to Vikings: The Circle of Blood
Trisha Hughes