Black Cat Editorial Services is pleased to be able to provide comprehensive proofreading and copy-editing solutions. The services will be tailored to you, and to your project, but this page should give you an idea of what they will entail.


If you are looking for a last check and tidy up for your piece of text, proofreading is probably the service you need. A proofread will cover the following:

  • Checking and correcting grammar, spelling and punctuation
  • Ensuring the consistency of spelling, punctuation and capitalisation
  • Making sure other aspects of style and formatting (such as headings and numbering) are consistent
  • Identifying the incorrect use of words and suggesting alternatives if possible
  • Highlighting areas of the text where the meaning is unclear.


Copy-editing is more in-depth and will help to get your piece of text ready to meet the world. The copy-editing process includes the following:

  • Correcting errors in grammar, spelling, punctuation and style
  • Ensuring the consistency of spelling, hyphenation, capitalisation, punctuation and other elements of style (e.g. italics)
  • Assessing the wording of the text to make sure it is clear, coherent and appropriate
  • Querying plot holes, changes in the timeline or inconsistent characterisation
  • Reviewing the text for errors of fact, misspelled names, misused words and misquotations (please note: I will not routinely check all factual information)
  • Querying any noticed instances of potential breach of copyright (please note: the responsibility for any legal issues remains with the writer/publisher).

Other services

Manuscript critique

If you think your novel is complete and would like the opinion of an experienced editor, a manuscript critique may be for you. I’ll read the whole manuscript and then provide a multi-page report on the big-picture elements: plot, structure, characterisation and style. If I think something works, I’ll tell you. If I think something could be improved, I’ll let you know. And, most importantly, I’ll provide suggestions and ideas on how you could do it.

Style-sheet creation

I produce a style sheet for every project I proofread or copy-edit – I am an expert at identifying style discrepancies and smoothing them out. If you’d like me to review your documentation and provide a comprehensive breakdown for your future reference, this is the service for you.