What does a style sheet look like?

A style sheet records the style decisions that you’ve made while producing your text, and the style decisions I have made while editing it. It’s a simple, easy-to-use list, and the best way of ensuring consistency throughout a piece of writing. You can view an example (for a fictional project) here.

I’m interested in a Black Cat service, but I’m not sure what to expect. Can you help?

Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any queries; I’ll always do my best to assist. If you’d like a general overview of the process of commissioning me to work on your project, and what you can expect to receive at the end of it, please download the What to Expect guide.

What payment methods does Black Cat accept?

I accept payment by bank transfer. If you are a non-UK client and would have difficulty making an international transfer, please contact me to discuss alternative payment methods (e.g. TransferWise or PayPal).

Do you provide a developmental editing service?

I do! I also offer a critique service, which may be suitable if you would like advice and support without direct manuscript editing or if you have a limited budget.

Do you take on academic work?

I no longer take on academic work. If you would like to work with a proofreader on your essay, dissertation, or thesis, the CIEP directory may be a good place to look.

Can I book you to copy-edit and proofread my novel?

No. I won’t proofread projects that I have copy-edited. I would always recommend having these stages done by different people. The copy-editor will be (or should be) very familiar with the text once they have done their work, and I believe that once they have reached that point, a fresh perspective is always best.