This was the first time I’ve used Hannah’s copy-editing services, and I can say with absolute certainty I’ll be reaching out again in the future. The care that Hannah puts into her work shows in the attention to detail in her edits, and her reports. She picks up major and minor world building elements and stylistic choices I’ve made as a writer. I could go on and on, but I’ll put it simply: If you’re looking for top-notch editing services you’ve come to the right place!

Steven Healt, author of the Amboy series

Thank you for making the copy editing process painless. From the first point of contact, your communication was great and I really appreciated the update midway through. The feedback you’ve given is constructive and the suggestions are helpful.
I’d definitely recommend your services and hope to work with you again in the future.

– Jody Derby, author

I requested two services from Hannah. After she critiqued, I knew I wanted her to edit my manuscript. Hannah did an amazing job. The critique and editorial reports were so professionally laid out, it was a pleasure to read. I found Hannah’s ability to pick up on inconsistencies amazing and so helpful. I learned a lot through the process.
Hannah was very open to any questions I had and got back to me in a timely manner. I found this part of the service particularly helpful and I am grateful for the extra time she gave me.
I can honestly say that Hannah made me feel so much more confident as a writer.
She was extremely professional and I can’t recommend her enough. I would love to work with Hannah again in regard to future projects.

– Veronica Griffin, author

I have used Hannah’s manuscript critique services several times now and can’t say enough about how excellent her reports are. She has helped me with everything from pacing issues to sentence level details. I will always recommend Hannah if someone is looking for an editor.

– Steven Healt, author of the Amboy series

Always satisfied with Hannah’s critique and copy edit. Greatly appreciate how much I have learned from her. Would never hesitate to recommend Black Cat.

– Julie Conrad, author

I worked with Hannah to revise my 5-book YA Fantasy series. Over the course of our time together, I’ve learned so much from her and have really grown as a writer. She’s not only a fantastic editor (she catches everything!), but she takes the time to teach you when there’s a lesson to be learned. Grammar aside, she’s also amazing at helping an author keep the integrity of their stories and their fantasy worlds. So many details went into my world-building that it was impossible for me to keep it all straight at times. I also got some things very wrong in my development at first; I’m so grateful that she took the time to highlight these instances, for accuracy in my storyline and in creating a more ‘realistic’ place for my characters to grow.
The world of Olleb-Yelfra would be a very different place without you, Hannah. Thank you for everything!

Ashleigh Bello, author of the Belvedor Saga

More than happy as always. Will be using you again for my next book because I know I can trust you to do a good job and do it on time. Thanks

– August Head, author

Totally professional; delighted with your copy editing. I am learning from you as I go along. I always feel confident in your edits and feedback on all aspects, be it critique or writing style etc. Trust and reliability.

– Julie Conrad, author

This is the second time I have used Hannah’s services for a manuscript critique, and I am very pleased with the quality of her work. The critique reports she provides are invaluable. Not only has she helped me improve my manuscripts, but my skills as a writer as well. I cannot recommend Hannah enough.

Steven Healt, author of the Amboy series

In addition to being a joy to work with, Hannah has an incredibly keen eye for catching all the teensiest, tiniest typos; mistakes; inconsistencies; and continuity errors.

– SI Clarke, author of the White Hart Series

Your manuscript critique offered way more guidance than I expected. The critique was actionable with so many example issues and example edits that I feel a lot more ready to tackle editing. I was expecting a much shorter letter-form of critique, and I couldn’t be happier with the organization and detail you provided.

– Joss Hevel, author

Thank you very much for your thorough, multifaceted critique of my work in progress. I appreciate especially that a review of a partial manuscript is unorthodox and commend you for rising to the challenge! Your feedback is exactly what I need in order to identify some specific ‘dos and don’t’s’ as I undertake the rest of my work. The manner in which you have delivered your review is concise yet comprehensive, critical yet motivating, technical yet also subjective. Thanks again. I hope to have a completed manuscript for your appraisal (if you are interested!) in the future.

– Jack Rogers, author

I am beyond pleased with the quality of work done by Hannah. The manuscript critique she did for me was thorough and will be extremely helpful moving forward in my writing process. I would certainly contact Hannah again in the future for another critique.

– Steven Healt, author

The copy-edit was comprehensive, conducted with sensitivity to the author’s voice, together with excellent advice, and was delivered on time. In short, a thoroughly professional service which I cannot recommend highly enough.

– Ian Cook, author

Hannah at Black Cat Editorial Services is an outstanding copy editor. She tightened up my short story collection, High Spirits, without compromising my author’s voice. I chose Black Cat Editorial through recommendations from The Alliance of Independent Authors, and because she had an interest in the genre that I write in (speculative fiction). I requested additional services (genre and comparative author recommendations) and Hannah fulfilled all my requests. The work was completed in two weeks as promised. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

– Justin Turner (J. T. Croft), author

Hannah is very thorough. I really appreciated her ‘eagle eye’. I will definitely use her services again

– Linda J. Wright, author of the Kieran Yeats Mystery series

Very professional work from Hannah. I especially liked the fact she kept in contact with me throughout the editing process. I will be looking to work with her again in the future.

– Tom McLaughlin, author

Working with Black Cat Editorial has been a wonderful experience! I was nervous putting my writing in the hands of another for a critique, but Hannah’s feedback and insight will certainly help me improve my stories. I also applaud her professionalism in how she conducts her business. Money well spent, thank you!

– Ashleigh Bello, author of the Belvedor Saga

Hannah McCall carried out an excellent critique of my manuscript, and completed the task exactly on schedule. She was very thorough with her work and spotted all the flaws, but offered usable solutions, advice and encouragement. I was very impressed, and grateful for her efforts

– Peter Hingston, author

Insightful and sympathetic copy-editing that improved the storytelling.

– Ian Hudson, author of The Chocolate Thieves

More than happy with the service I received. It was speedy and thorough. The spelling section on the style sheet is very handy as it will help me avoid making the same mistakes with future pieces of work. I would definitely recommend and will be using Black Cat again.

– August Head, author

Hannah did a great job with the final edit of my manuscript. I would highly recommend.

– Ryan W. Aslesen, author of the Crucible series

Lovely and professional edit. Very pleased with the quality of work.

– Katherine Ward, editorial assistant, Troubador Publishing Ltd

I engaged Hannah to proofread my website and check its links. She was thoroughly efficient and professional in her communications and in the way she carried out the work. She followed my brief precisely and returned clear, helpful and thoughtful corrections ahead of schedule. I would have no hesitation recommending her proofreading skills.

– Hazel Bird, Wordstitch Editorial Services

Hannah has proofread an 80,000 word book, Deciphered Emotions, and numerous other short pieces of my writing. Her work has always been professional, consistent, well priced and carried out promptly. The standard of my work has been raised because of feedback Hannah has provided.

– James Reynolds, author


Thank you as always for your careful work and meticulous attention to detail. And, it’s so useful to have your style sheets. I wish all our copy-editors and proofreaders prepared them!

– Helen Hart, publishing director of SilverWood Books

Thank you! I really appreciate your thoroughness and all your feedback. I’m particularly grateful for your notes regarding the genre (I had not heard of “New Adult”) and potential copyright issues with using song lyrics – I had looked into this briefly and it’s a bit of a minefield, so thank you for your advice.

– Kate Sherratt, author

Thank you so much for your critique report. Most of the problems you found in the manuscript were things that felt wrong to me while I was writing but couldn’t pinpoint why. This report really helped me to understand why all these issues arose and what I could do to fix them! I know the manuscript will be much better because of it!

– Catarina Flores, author

Thank you, Hannah. Your critiques really help me move forward with my manuscripts.

– Joan Brown, author

Thank you very much, Hannah, for your incredible work in polishing this very rough gemstone to a lustre

J. T. Croft, author of A House of Bells

Thank you, Hannah. Your comments and suggestions are exactly what I was looking for.

– Joan Brown, author

Hannah, I’m so grateful I stumbled upon your editorial company. I really wanted to take my book to the next level and you’ve certainly helped me do that. You have a sharp eye and very valuable feedback that I know will help me better shape the other novels in my series. Can’t wait to get started on the next project with you. Thank you!

– Ashleigh Bello, author of Belvedor and the Four Corners

Hannah, thank you for a brilliant and friendly service! The clear and professional supporting documentation you provided is especially welcome. I look forward to working with you again in the future.

– Stephen Rice, author

Thank you for the help that you gave me … I would not have had the confidence to publish had it not been for your edits and words of encouragement.

– Pete Ford, author

You are a star. Thank you.

– Kath Kirkland, author of the Mum Runners series

Thank you for your speedy work.

Kath Kirkland, author

Thank you for your valuable contribution and your splendid work. I appreciate your professional attitude and the timely completion of the project. I will come back to you for my next novel. Thank you once again.

– Anuradha Kipf, author

Another fantastic job – thank you!

– Hazel Bird, Wordstitch Editorial Services