The Black Cat monthly round-up: March 2021

The March round-up comes to you a bit later than usual as I worked part-time hours for the last week of the month (but somehow I still managed to be surprisingly productive) and I took the long Easter weekend off. I’m including it as part of my efforts not to overwork myself as I did for a significant chunk of 2020. They seem to be working so far. I think it is necessary to have some time off to refresh and recharge. Having said that, I’m not very good at building up my enthusiasm for working again after a few days of TV and chocolate.

What I’ve been working on

I finished the copy-edits of the biography and the epic fantasy that I started in February, and I moved on to some contemporary fiction, one novel for a publisher and one for an indie author. I critiqued a previous version of the indie novel a couple of years ago and it was really satisfying to see how much it had changed and evolved. It is a much stronger story now and I’m really glad I was able to support the author in achieving that. Working with returning clients was a theme for March – I also had the pleasure of proofreading a short story for one of my long-standing indie clients. Towards the end of the month, I went back to the world of fantasy fiction for two projects. I have completed the copy-edit (of a magical, if dark, children’s adventure), but the proofread is very long and will take me into April. I’ll be working on that alongside the critique of a psychological thriller for another returning client.

What I read for fun

I have one read for March: The Galaxy, and the Ground Within. Becky Chambers has concluded her Wayfarers series with another brilliant novel. It is, in my opinion, space opera at its very best. I’m upset that it has to end, but I am grateful for the quiet, profound, and beautiful stories that we have been given. I’m looking forward to reading what comes next.

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