I’ve worked on more than 130 projects since 2015 – including over 60 novels, from fantasy fiction to murder mysteries. Each one has been a privilege. Here’s a little more detail on most of them:

Commissioned by independent authors

  • Three epic fantasy-fiction novels (including YA titles)
  • Three instalments of a historical mystery thriller series
  • Two science-fiction titles (including Apex by Ryan W. Aslesen)
  • Two short-story collections (general commercial and speculative fiction)
  • One speculative science-fiction title (Devon’s Island by SI Clarke)
  • One post-apocalyptic fiction title
  • One general commercial fiction novel
  • A satirical crime thriller (The Chocolate Thieves by Ian Hudson)
  • One mystery thriller
  • One psychological suspense thriller
  • One time-travel adventure set during WWII
  • One children’s fiction title
  • A novel set in India and based on the ancient story of Shiva and Sati
  • A book on the author’s family history
  • A non-fiction book that explored and explained human emotions and behaviour (Deciphered Emotions by James Reynolds)
  • A biography/memoir about the author’s brother’s life and journey with prostate cancer (Goodnight Doll by Dr Angélique du Toit)
  • Three short stories: reflections on morality; a piece in the dark humour/horror genre; a cautionary tale about social media addiction
  • A cover letter to a book distributor

Fiction commissioned by publishing houses

  • Nineteen general commercial fiction novels, with themes including love, relationships, community, grief and loss, redemption and new starts
  • Eight historical-fiction titles: Industrial Revolution (UK); World War I; World War  II; American Civil War; English Civil War; Victorian England; early modern France and its New France colony
  • Five children’s fantasy-fiction books
  • Four thrillers: revenge; espionage (within alternative-history setting); crime; and satirical crime
  • Three short-story collections
  • Two novels in the political-fiction genre
  • Two murder-mystery novels
  • One epic/high fantasy title
  • One young adult fantasy romance
  • One children’s science-fiction book
  • One poetry collection
  • One young adult commercial fiction title

Non-fiction commissioned by publishing houses

  • Twelve memoirs, including those of a former nurse, a former professional footballer, a former judge, an economist, a charity founder, and a former police officer
  • Two biographies: an amateur middle-distance runner; a Spanish composer
  • One collection of autobiographical essays
  • Four books on spirituality and faith
  • Three business/management titles
  • One title on privacy legislation
  • Three healthcare books
  • Two books about the charity sector
  • Three self-development titles
  • One exploration of a new political theory
  • One reflection on Japanese culture
  • Two travel books
  • Three books on historical research and sources: medieval Wales; Victorian England; late-nineteenth-century cricket

For professional individuals

  • Three curricula vitae: of an IT professional, naval officer, and electrical engineer
  • Two business cover letters
  • A short biographical description for an artist
  • The website of a fellow editorial professional
  • An e-course on self-hypnosis
  • Content for an email series about managing stress

For students and academics

  • Five dissertations: education, health and social care; North American trade agreements; supply-chain management; fashion franchising
  • Three theses: the role of innovation in development; accountability in faith-based non-governmental organisations; change in the public health sector in Brunei
  • Two reports: purchasing management; project management
  • One essay on immigration and the far-right in Germany
  • One conference paper in the field of information security
  • A personal statement for a law school application
  • A book proposal for research on Chinese foreign policy
  • A paper on sustainability in procurement and supply